EasyWash.ERP Laundry & Drycleaning Management Application Software

Drycleaning and Laundry Management Application Software CLICK HERE TO VIEW WEB DEMO

EasyWash.ERP is a customized Laundry and Drycleaning Management Application with various modules such as:

* Customer Service module which includes generation of invoice with ICONS, issuing of receipt, Package/Special customers and various reports, verify invoice before it is finally closed, Customer Ledger, reports with several options, CRM etc .
* Accounting System module that can prepare every aspect of account such as Payroll, Inventory, Fixed Asset, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account, Vendors, Bank deposit and withdrawal, Expenses and Purchase, General Ledger, chart of account etc
* Operation Department to inspect and record garments such as total casual garments, total laundry garments, total drycleaning garments on daily basis. Also hanger analysis inspections etc
* Human Resources Management to record staffs and prepare payroll, IOU and loan management system, activate and deactivate staffs, staff updates, access policies etc.

* BarCode Scanning
* Auto SMS and Email Facilities
* Multi-branch consolidated reports
* Easy to configure and customize
* User friendly (Graphics User Interface (GUI))
* Available on Web and Windows
* Support single or multi branch environment
* Programmable Government Tax and Service charge
* Auto calculation of prices for normal and express delivery
* Optimized searching algorithm
* Print outs
* Campaign (promotion management, discount, special offers etc.)
* Reports: Sales, Customers reports based on several options
* Provision to enter details of garments such as stains, cuts, no button, amendment, etc.
* Price checker (Customer can see all items pricing)
* Payroll Analysis
* Unlimited Reports
* Database Synchronization

1 Runs on Windows Framework with SQL Server engine, Sybase, MySQL or any other standard DBMS.
2 Intelligent Java algorithms that can analyze activities to the barest minimum.
3 Interact with other business applications (foreign or indigenous – including spread sheets and OneNote).
4 Run on local networks
5 Reduce human’s effort and time
6 Efficient security to resist unauthorized users
7 First-hand information on products/services
8 Developed with java base technology which makes it more reliable and consistent.

1. Invoice/Receipt
2. Reporting
3. Accounting
4. Inventory
5. Security
6. Employees
7. Customers
8. Human Resources
9. Drycleaining Operations
10. Backups
11. BarCoding
12. Way Bill

• Dual Core or Higher
• 2gg of RAM or Higher
• HDD 120 GB or Higher
• O/S Window 7 or Higher

70% Upfront
30% after installation and training of staff has been completed

There should be pre-requisite knowledge from the users of the application; such knowledge may be in the area of Microsoft Office Packages and basic accounting knowledge. Therefore, the cost of training is FREE.

Internet Vs Intranet versions:

This version of EasyWash.ERP can run on the Local Area Network with unlimited users by using web browsers like Mozilla Firefox preferably and any other javascript enabled browsers. We hereby present the cost, networking and system configuration of the application.

Cost: N000.00
Training: Free
Setup and Configuration: Free
Prerequisite software: Free
Logistics: Free for Lagos area only. Outside Lagos will be charged based on the distance of the location.
Discount: 0%

System Configuration for Server (If interested in networking. It can also work on a single system:
• Dual Core or higher
• RAM 2GGs
• HDD 200GGs
• VDU any one

System Configuration for Clients:
• Dual Core or higher
• RAM 2GGs
• HDD 150GGs
• VDU any one

Note that you need EPSON POS/Thermal Printer to print your invoice and receipt. We suggest that you purchase it before we setup the software to help you configure your printer.

EasyWash.ERP is a web application which can run on both Intranet and Internet. A copy can be hosted on the Internet and configured to be used in all branches and generate invoice and receipt for consolidated accounting system. Therefore, you do not need to buy a copy of the application to be hosted; you can upgrade the Intranet version to the web when you are ready to host the application. Hosting is done once but you need to be paying annual hosting plan for Hosting company. The cost of hosting will be charged depending on the hosting plan selected per year. Note that using the software on both Intranet and Internet or Internet only will require software maintenance to avoid web traffics and upload of data for consolidated accounting purpose. Furthermore, the cost of web hosting and configuration will be charged depending on the number of branches to be hosted. Internet version required Internet to operate or you can work on the Intranet and synchronize your database at a regular interval.

Screen Shot of the Invoice Generation Page of EasyWash.ERP Software (Web Version)

Drycleaning and Laundry Management Application Software

Drycleaning and Laundry Management Application Software

Drycleaning and Laundry Management Application Software

Echelon Software and Consultancy is the patent owner of EasyWash.ERP Drycleaning and Laundry Management Application. Our consultants have a wealth of experience having worked for so many organisations as well as their involvement in many national and international projects including Biometric/Fingerprint Application, Supermarket Management Application, Java Smart Card Application, Web Browsers, Network deployments and computer hardware engineering. In the course of our project management activities, we have come to appreciate that there is no substitute or exception for experience. Some of our consultants have been setting up Software solutions systems for over 12 years.

We take special pride in our total solution concept – guiding the customer from training, conversions, choice of hardware, implementation, support services, dedicated hot-line telephone and on-site assistance. Our innovative project management principles ensure that our clients quickly translate their investments in information technology to measurable tangible benefits. No wonder they have become our best sales people – for they sell us to others more than we do ourselves.

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Campaign (promotion management, discount, special offers etc.) Reports: Sales, Customers reports based on several options, Unlimited Reports


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