About Us

Our Success Story:

Echelon Software and Consultancy pre-incorporation dates back to 2010 when it engaged enterprising students into various computer programming projects, including student’s record systems and website creations.

Echelon Software and Consultancy became incorporated as a pull of top IT experts in Sub West African region in 2015 with the aim of providing Information Technology solutions in the area of Computer Networking, Software / Internet Applications, Telecommunications, Management Software, Data Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and related high technological disciplines.

When we opened our doors for business, our sacred objective was to achieve a healthy corporate growth through provision of quality but affordable Information technology (IT) services to our clients. We provide IT solutions to customers in virtually all sectors of economic activities and have been recording tremendous success in our share of the ICT market.

Customer Orientation:

We take special pride in our total solution concept – guiding the customer from training, conversions, choice of hardware, implementation, support services, dedicated hot-line telephone and on-site assistance. Our innovative project management principles ensure that our client quickly translate their investments in information technology to measurable tangible benefits. No wonder they have become our best sales people – for they sell us to others more than we do ourselves.

  • Affordable Software Prices
  • Free Support 24h
  • Support single or multi branch environment
  • Optimized searching algorithm

About The Director:

Deji Ogundipe is a Senior Programmer at Echelon Software and a Director at Echelon Schools. He holds B.Sc. in Computer Science/Statistics from UNN. MSc in Computer Science, He is Certified I.T. Professional (CITP), Oracle Certified Java Programmer (OCJP) and Vocational Diploma in Computer Engineering and Networking.

Before setting up Echelon Software and Consultancy, He has worked as an I.T. Officer in many organisations as well as a Lecturer at a private Polytechnic. A former System Developer at Havard Technologies, Aktau, Kazakhstan.

He is very skillful in developing Web and Mobile applications using Java Spring Boot, PHP/Laravel, ReactJS, Python/Django/Flask and many technologies.

He delved into Data Engineering recently with a certificate in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence with python. He has developed many Business Applications using in Nigeria and abroad. He is committed to developing applications to solve real life problems.

Echelon Software Consultancy
Global Network

International communication protocols, legislation and agreements are involved.

High Benefits

Campaign (promotion management, discount, special offers etc.) Reports: Sales, Customers reports based on several options, Unlimited Reports


We provide social network for training between training providers and their students for distance learning opportunities.

Our Design Methodologies

We analyse, We design, development and implementation

Hands-on project delivery

We deploy project at stipulated time. We don't disappoint, We have deployed many Software Solutions which include Laundry Software, Stock Market Forcasting using SARIMA Model, Hotel ERP, Hospital Management, Coorporative/Club Members Mgt Solution among others.

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Meet The Experts

Professional Software Deveoplers are available to deliver project at stipulated time and reduce Software Crisis. Meet our expert below:

Ayodeji Lawrence


Olalekan Oyerinde

I.T. Manager

Romanus IK Ezeani

Marketing Executive

Sunday Akeju